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The Best Bit For Your Horse – choosing the right material

By Hadrien Dykiel

There are many different kind of materials bits are made out of, and not all of those materials are created equal. What material bit best suits your horse? Read about the differences to pick the best one.

Good Bit Materials

Stainless Steel – It’s a popular option for many bits. It is super strong, does not rust, and it is moderately priced. The drawback is that is a tasteless metal, so it does not encourage salivation.

Copper – Copper is liked by most horses because of its taste. It is a good metal to encourage salivation.

Sweet Iron – This material is, well, sweet, so many horses enjoy it. Sweet iron bits rust, which is what actually gives the bit its flavor. When I was a kid, I did not know rusting was natural for sweet iron bits so I threw mine out. I wish I had known, I would still have it today!

Sweet Iron Bit

Sweet Iron Bit with Copper - a bit from our store

Not-so-good Bit Materials

Chrome – A cheaper alternative, I have heard they can start flaking after a few years.

Aluminum – A lighter metal which has the detrimental effect of drying out a horse’s mouth.

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We will be updating this article overtime to make it better. Share what you know with us about choosing the best bit for your horse by leaving a comment or sending us an e-mail at! Read our other article Types of Horse Bits.

Un petit bonjour aux Francais ;)

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4 thoughts on “The Best Bit For Your Horse – choosing the right material

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  2. I use a sweet iron with copper dee ring for Ice, the stallion I’m working with. He loves the sweetness of it.

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